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Proudly serving small and medium-size businesses in a variety of industries

Industries We Work With

Below are just a few of the industries we work with.  We recognize that each industry is unique and therefore we never take your IT for granted.  Our team has the expertise to work with your industry to learn and adapt.



Whether you are a CA, CGA, CMA, or CPA, you can rely on 247 Networks to help you manage your applications, network infrastructure, server infrastructure and your day-to-day technological needs.  We have worked with firms that are small, medium, and large and you can count on our experienced team of professionals.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction


Architectural, Engineering and Construction firms fit right into our Managed IT Services model.  You want high productivity and efficiency and you have a high demand when it comes to file storage.  Cloud computing is attractive to your firm and  247 Networks can migrate you to a safe and secure private cloud which enhances the ability to work and access drawings remotely.

Auto Dealerships


Dealerships live in a fast-paced environment and the technology they use must be reliable.  Either accessing their dealer software on-premise or directly online, dealerships need a robust infrastructure – especially on the wireless network as many tools utilize wireless technology. Good news is that 247 Networks has the experience in supporting those technologies.



Everything business is unique in their own way but that does not mean the underlying technology is always different.  There may be a plethora of CRM and ERP applications out there such as SAP, Sage, SYSPRO and others, but 247 Networks has the expertise to help your organization work along with the application vendor to implement and maintain the foundation of the business.



We respect the severity of privacy when it comes to the education sector.  The process in which data is handled is paramount and ensuring that all of the data is secure and protected would be our highest and utmost priority.  Each organization may have a different process of handling data but we are confident that we can work with you to architect the best possible way to protect your data.

Financial Services


Majority of the work may be online but 247 Networks understands the strict policies of handling sensitive information.  Having a local infrastructure or a private cloud may be able to address these concerns.  Adhering to local laws and policies, it is also best to have a provider check if your mail settings are configured properly and is properly archived – 247 Networks has the experience to help you.



Having worked with government services various times, it is often that we get contracted to work on specific roll-out’s, infrastructure changes, network changes, or other small or large projects.  Specific requirements are passed down to us and we will help execute and implement based on the specific requirements.  You can count on 247 Networks to be there, professional, punctual, and prepared.



Whether a doctor clinic or dental clinic, technology drives the way doctors keep their patient records and furthermore, provides the ease of transferring such data when applicable.  247 Networks also understands the importance of point-of-sale systems for accepting payments and ensuring that the technology behind it all works as it is supposed to when it is supposed to – leave the technology to us.



Similar to healthcare, most of this industry is now technology driven.  When you have multiple locations to manage, you want a seamless connectivity between them all while ensuring that your data is protected and safe.  You may or may not want to work with CRM and ERP systems in the cloud but you have a choice to work with a private cloud for a peace of mind – ask us about our 247 Cloud Service.



The Law Society has certain rules that legal firms must abide by and we understand the importance of security and privacy, especially in the legal industry.  We have worked with various legal firms to assist with applications such as PCLaw and more.  If you are interested in working in the cloud, we have a private cloud that is safe and secure while your data will always be on Canadian soil.



The manufacturing industry can encompass a wide range of unique technologies depending on the line of business.  We have integrated computing environments with automation systems, financial reporting, business intelligence, advanced wireless solutions, and complex inventory systems.  We work with vendors to integrate and streamline their solutions into their infrastructure and business processes.



This industry captivates us as we work closely with a variety of not-for-profit organizations.  247 Networks believes in working in the community, with the community and for the community.  We understand that most NFP organizations have a set budget and 247 Networks has the experience and resources to cost effectively manage your IT, such as TechSoup – and we love to give back when we can.

Professional Services


We have been there, being in the service industry ourselves, we understand the demand in which technology commands our livelihood on a daily basis.  Whether you are an accountant, architect, engineer, lawyer, financial consultant, personal trainer, marketing firm, web development firm, a restaurant or other types of professional services, we know how to help.



Just because you are in technology does not mean you have to manage your own technology.  In fact, we work with a lot of technology company’s that want to focus on building their technology and business and not have to worry about their day-to-day technological needs.  You can entrust 247 Networks to manage your infrastructure, whether you are building an IaaS or SaaS, we are here to help.